Belfontain Country Club
Growing up the youngest of 5 boys never was easy.  
Considering they were 8 to 15 years older than me didn’t help
I have a lot of traumatic experiences in my life because of them.
I was the baby, mama’s boy, and though never uttered outloud, her favorite.
They were just jealous, as my mom would tell me.
My first time I remember being at a pool we were at Bellefontaine Country Club.  
A huge pool off of Fry Lane at Lilac and 270.
While my brothers jumped in, I walked around the pool and would stand at the edge and put my toe in.
Losing my balance I would make the mad dash back to my mom’s chair.
For what seemed like hours I would do the same routine until that one time.
My foot was touching the water and I felt 4 hands on my back and before I knew it my 3 foot body was submerged.
I remember kicking and sinking in 5 foot of water.  I started to cry but no one could hear me.  
I could hear muffled laughs and my mom yelling at my brothers.
I heard a whistle blow as I continued to kick and turn.
I tossed and turned in the water not being able to come up for air for at least an hour.
Finally my butt and then feet hit the ground.  
Was this it?  Was this all my life had to offer?  Was this the end?
As my feet touched the bottom of the pool, I stood up.  My head was above water.
Maybe it wasn’t 5 feet of water or maybe I was taller than 3 feet but I was standing my head above water.
My brothers spent the next 5 minutes outside the pool in trouble by the lifeguard.
My mom didn’t let me come out of the water.
Once I realized that there wasn’t anything to fear, I started laughing and stayed in the pool until it was time to go home.
Why Do I tell you this story? 
Replace Swimming with Real Estate

We spend so much time on the side of the pool, sticking our toe in the water instead of Jumping In.
I can assure you if my mom let me get out of the pool once my brothers had pushed me in I would never have gone back in that year.
Maybe its because we are cautious, worried or afraid of failing.
Maybe its because we don’t feel like we know enough.
Maybe its because we are afraid of what others will think.
Maybe as adults we don’t have anyone to push us in and it becomes our own decision.
It’s probably a combination of all the above.
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Once you get in the water, the rest is easy
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